DA type graphical digest searching in DT database

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Is it possible to have DEVONagent type graphical digest searching against a DEVONthink database.

What I am thinking is that when you use DT as a research tool to build up a library of documents (thereby, in essence, doing your own filtering and building up of a corpus of knowledge) and put all that into a DT database then you obviously (when you have a lot of documents there - say you have > 1,000 documents) will want to do data mining. In doing that you will do searches and look for correlations, and perhaps even branch off into new directions.

I can’t see that the visual digest search of DA is available in DT and/or that you can tell DA to use a DT database as the source for searching?

Have I missed anything - if this is not available in current releases of DT & DA can it be considered?

I don’t see a reply to this, but it’s what I’m looking for, too: using DEVONagent graphical digest & other capabilities within DT. This seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

Thinking about it or actually implementing it? Two very different things. :wink:

i say it’s a no-brainer because DEVONtechnologies obviously has all the code and presumably the expertise. not saying there isn’t engineering involved.

path 1: integrate pieces of DA into DT.
path 2: make DT a search target of DA.

path 2 seems likely to be the easiest, as you’re just plumbing files, rather than GUI code. plus, it rewards people for buying DA on top of DT. eventually you’d want both, of course.

If you’re running Pro Office, there is already an option for searching DEVONthink Server, allowing you to talk to the webserver when it’s running.

You can also search bookmarks in open DEVONthink databases.