Daily Back Up and Back Up Archive

Using the two scripts: where does the end result of these back up operations end up? What is the purpose of each?

I can’t find the “backed up” files.

For now I am quitting DTP and directly copying my database file to dvd.



Daily backup backs up the database files themselves – inside the DevonThink Pro database “folder.” This folder is an OS X package, so unless you right click on it and select “show package contents” you won’t know those files are there and are backed up. It just makes it look like your database file is larger.

Backup archive exports the database and all included files to a zip file in your target location. Totally different. You can open this zip file and you have a 100% complete copy of your database file. This is fairly equivalent to your copy to DVD except it’s zipped so it will be a bit smaller.

Is it the same in Devon Think?

Thank you. Found it as you said.


Should be. With the exception that DEVONthink doesn’t use a package file for the database. So you’ll probably see the duplicate copies of the database files themselves in the database “folder.”

Note this info is correct as of DEVONthink 1.8.1 or whatever… the most recent version I used prior to upgrading to DT Pro.

I have these files:


I need to copy all the directory or i can backup all files but the Backup.* directory?

Don’t mess with anything except copying the entire “DEVONthink” folder to an external location, and do that only if the DEVONthink application has been quit. If you are certain that your database is in good shape, you may delete the internal Backup folders in the externally stored copy. You might also consider reducing the number of internal Backup folders to three, which is the default. I recommend running Tools > Verify & Repair, followed by Backup & Optimize on your database whenever you have put substantial effort into it, such as adding lots of new content, etc. Then you are sure of a recent internal Backup folder while the database is in good condition.

If you like, you may select (don’t open) the DEVONthink folder at ~/Library/Application Support/ and choose the Finder option File > Create Archive of “…”. (Or create the archive by clicking on the Actions button (cogwheel symbol in your Finder toolbar) and selecting the Create Archive of “…” option.)

I don’t see a Backup Archive function in DevonNote. What I’ve been doing is copying the DEvonNote folder in Library => Application Support to a CD. Is that a sufficient backup?

I’ve never had to use it, fortunately, but if I did, would I just need to download another copy of DevonNote and click “Restore Backup”, then navigate to the DevonNote folder on the backup CD?

This falls under the category of “Info I hope I never have to use.” I didn’t see info on external backups in the DN manual; apologies if I missed it.

Brett, DEVONnote has internal backup folders just like DT PE and DT Pro. They are in ~/Library/Application Support/ inside the DEVONnote database folder.

You can easily create an external backup of the DEVONnote database folder. First, quit DEVONnote. Then select (don’t open) the DEVONnote folder and Option-drag it to a location of your choice. If you wish, you can make an archive to the folder to reduce storage space.

If you were to need to use the external backup, you would replace the existing database folder at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONnote with it, then launch DEVONnote.

Bill: thanks, as always for your prompt, informative reply. Good to know I’ve been doing the right thing. I’d hate to discover the hard way that I wasn’t! Now, let’s hope I never need to use it.