Daily Backup failed for Empty Text and RTF files

When I followed the Online Tutorial on Backup using the Daily Backup script for DT, I found there are several “failed” entries in the log file. The files failed are either Text or RTF files with only Titles, without any contents. These are files I entered for my ToDo list, where I only needed a title for each task I am going to do.

Does this mean the “Daily Backup Script” cannot be used to backup these empty items?


That’s correct. An empty text file won’t export.

But if you add a couple of spaces, the file will export, although it will still show a 0 Word Count.

Personally, I prefer the Backup Archive script to the Daily Backup script, as the compressed archive is much smaller, and also when unzipped it is a working database.

Perhaps the script could be slightly altered (or copied and then altered) by an interested user to add spaces to articles with nil wordcount.

This has bitten me in the past with queues of articles that I would create without inserting any information, but now I generally create new articles by selecting a “Title-ish” bit of text and using the Service to create a new document in the root folder, rather than clicking the “New Rich Text” icon in the toolbar or using a hotkey.