Daily Backups on External Hard Drives

In DT3 , I tried using the script: Script Icon > Export > Daily Backup Archive. The message I received was: “The database is damaged.”

I verified and repaired the database, and received the message that 31 files are missing.

I tried using the script again, but received the same message, i.e that the database is damaged.

What can I try next?

Missing files are logged to Windows > Log after using File > Verify & Repair…, the contextual menu can be used to either reveal or trash the items.

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Done! Thank you.

Where will the Daily Backup Archive be stored? Do I get to choose or it will be done automatically?

I do not think I will have enough space on my laptop and would need to save the backups on an external hard drive which I hope is possible.

It is stored in ~/Backup, as noted in the built-in Help > Documentation > Appendix > Scripts

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Thank you for the information.

Stupid question: the backup archive contains the actual files. Correct?

Not stupid, but yes if you are importing files.
If you are indexing the files, you would only have the metadata about those indexed files.

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