Daily Journal with the lot 😄


I am big on genealogy and I am getting ready for a New Years resolution to keep a Journal for next year to add to my Family tree.

While there are some nice commercial packages around being a true son of a Scotsman :wink: I want to do the project for no cost apart from time…

Taking advantage of Devonthink which I already own I have adapted a Script that has been floating around the forums for number of years.

I have tweaked it to include

  • Calendar events (Australian Holidays and Birthdays in my case)
  • Quote of the Day
  • World News headlines
  • Local News Headlines
  • Weather Conditions at the time of making the entry

There are a few helpers you need to install plus an API from OpenWeatherMap.org. Instructions for these and Variables are listed at the top of the code.

I have also setup IFTTT to capture all Social Media posts which I will add in manually

I am sure to be tweaking this further so please visit GitHub to check for a later version.



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Version 3 includes actually a Daily Journal template based on this script and version 3.6 adds a Markdown version of the template.

This is a nice script indeed! I made a small change to the default markdown script as I wanted Dutch headlines. In the default script the first two characters are used from the locale. As I use English as my display language and the region is set to Netherlands I changed the script to use the last two characters from the locale. (in my case the locale returns en_NL).

Nice! :slight_smile:

sorry for a dummy question… where is the script you adapted?

The original? It’s from this thread:

I meant your adaptation

See Data > New from Template > Productivity > Daily Journal.

so… yours is collectable… by months, too?
and how is possible to change input .and language- for the daily welcome sentences?

The template isn’t easily customizable, you would have to change the code of its script.

at least news collector…! if you give me a hint I will try

wouldn’t it be possible to access the same journal, started on desktop mac, from DTTG3?

Copy the template, change the extension to .scptd and open it in the Script Editor.app to customise the script. Afterwards change the extension back to .templatescriptd.

Your journal in the database should of course be usable in DEVONthink To Go but not the template (as it requires AppleScript).

ok for editing your script, thanks!
AFAIK I can add to DTTG a daily journal started on DT but I cannot start a daily journal on DTTG… neither with a Shortcut workflow?

There are no templates available in DEVONthink To Go yet.

I meant Shortcut on iOS, not template

There’s also no shortcut that I’m aware of.


That’s a link to a discussion I had with @BLUEFROG where he provided a shortcut that makes a formatted text note with some prepopulated text. If you have more scripting and HTML skills than I you might be able to get it closer to the above script.

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Do you still use the Shortcut?

I use it every day.
I have seven shortcuts that help me with building good habits and that sit in the shortcuts app top level. The two Devonthink ones make 1) the journal entry in a specific database and folder or 2) a basic note in the global in box.
It’s a subtle nuance in the habit forming process but putting it all in shortcuts has a better outcome, even if the shortcut doesn’t really save too many clicks. The habit is going to shortcuts and seeing them in one place.
I struggle with distraction and maintaining attention so every gain is hard fought.

:heart: :slight_smile:
Glad to hear it. Sounds like you have a nice routine going.