Daily notice: Complex Document Opened Read-Only

A few days ago, I opened an RTF document in DTTG on my iPhone, and received the notice “Complex document opened read-only”. This was expected, as it’s my understanding that iOS can’t edit RTF documents.

But every day since then, I’ve received the same notification, even though DTTG isn’t open or running on my iPhone. Moreover, DT3 isn’t even up and running on any of my computers. Seems very strange to me.

Have you rebooted the device?

Nope. I RARELY (once every month or 2) reboot my iPhone, but I will and see what happens.

A reboot is always a good place to start.

Wait, it’s an Apple product! You NEVER have to reboot those! :roll_eyes:

Yep, just did it. I’ll letcha know if the notice continues to happen.

Thanks, Jim!

Wait, it’s an Apple product! You NEVER have to reboot those!

Haha! It amazes me when people actually believe that (about any mechanical device actually).

You’re welcome.

You’ve been around for a while like me. How often did you reboot your UNIX boxes? Rarely, if ever. :smile:

Most of mine were running headlessly without explicit operator interactions. That’s a very big distinction between that and devices people mess with constantly, installing and uninstalling and opening and closing apps all the time. :wink:

PS: I also had reboot routines built into some so they’d reboot themselves around 3:30am. :slight_smile:

I had a few headless that I’d SSH into that ran cronjobs that would keep them buzzing along and happy, though they’re rarely, if ever reboot. However, there would also be the random job that would muck up the system that only a “shutdown -r -now” would fix. :slight_smile:

And UNIX is a different beast… and a vindictive mistress if you cross her. :wink:

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Indeed she is, but it’s one of the reasons that I love my Mac! Nothing beats the Terminal! :smile:

I’m a big Terminal fan myself :slight_smile:
It ain’t pretty but it’s wicked fast.

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And the best way to “get 'er done!”, as she doesn’t lie!

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Catalina much more frequently, even the Apple TV needs to be rebooted now more often :open_mouth:

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Catalina has been pretty stable on both of my computers; as stable as my late 2014 27" iMac can be. (I was talking to a friend yesterday that I didn’t realize had the same exact model that I do, and we’ve both had myriad issues with it! Apple replaced my logic board, fusion hard drive, and a few other internals, and it’s continued to be problematic. I’ve been around Macs since 1984, and this is the worst Mac that I’ve ever had!) But my late 2019 16" MacBook Pro running Catalina has been awesome! No issues what so ever! I’m not complaining, because it’s still better (in my opinion) than any Windows box out there! :slight_smile:

And don’t even get me started on AppleTVs. Ugh! I have to reboot those things multiple times away, especially if I haven’t used YouTube for a few days, and then attempt to.


I got the notification again today. Ugh. When I touched it, it took me to the RTF document that I’d opened a couple of weeks ago. DTTG wasn’t running prior to me touching the notification.