Dangerous browsing ?

Is browsing using Devonthink dangerous ?

Lot of scares recently about clickable links in web pages causing security issues within the finder - Is there a potential problem Devonthink using the safari web kit ?

Over the past few weeks there’s been a lot of discussion of security weaknesses in Mac OS X and Safari.

While there were potentially serious security holes, much of the news coverage was more hype than reallity. As far as I can determine, there was only one case of file loss, the person who downloaded a fake installer for MS Office 2004 for Macintosh.

Apple has released security updates for Panther and Jaguar. If you have installed the latest security updates, you can rest in the knowledge that  Web browsing in DT is much safer than crossing the street – or using Windows. Go ahead and browse.

If you use an “always on” broadband connection to the Web, I would recommend using either a hardware or software firewall. However, of the thousands of intrusion attempts my firewall software has blocked and logged, I’ve seen only one that might have affected my Mac. The vast majority of hacker intrusion attempts are specific to Windows machines.

The most likely security concern for Macs these days is the possibility of malware – a program designed to run on your Mac and do something malicious, such as deleting files. The fake MS Office 2004 installer is an example of malware. Common sense is your best protection. Don’t install software from sources – such as LimeWare sharing – that you can’t check out. No matter how secure Apple makes our operating system, Apple can’t protect us from our own idiocy. I don’t worry about downloading software that i find on such common Mac resources as Version Tracker for OSX (especially if I’m not the first person to download a new listing).

Both DT PE & Pro can’t be a security risk as both applications will never automatically download files and open/unstuff them after clicking on links.