Dark mode issue with DEVONthink 3 beta 7

I notice that now when I try to clip something I can not read the text.

This is DEVONthink 3 beta 7.

This seems a problem only when using macOS dark mode.

Here are example images.

I just found another question a bit like mine. Seems there was a hotfix. I did not know how to check if I had the hotfix version so I re-installed from a new download. This seemed to fix the problem.

Thanks for the follow-up. That was going to be my suggestion. :slight_smile:

Interesting I get this same problem with the DT 3.0 version also. I find if I close DT3 down and relaunch it, it is OK again in dark mode

I find if I close DT3 down and relaunch it, it is OK again in dark mode

But is it consistently reproducible?

It happened earlier today i then rebooted DT 3 and it vanished. I then installed a new version of my Snapscan programme and it did it again it seems to be fragile when something new is installed. It seems to be something in the dark mode not reacting. I will keep an eye on it I can solve it by rebooting DT3.

It has done it again sorry to say and I have done nothing just left the computer alone for a few hours I guess it is a fault?

Have you rebooted the machine?

No as I said I did nothing but I can reboot if it helps

Just Rebooted and it has gone back to dark mode in clip from safari I will monitor it and see if it changes.

I have noticed this problem too quite a few times though I have not yet figured out how to consistently reproduce it.

However quitting DT3 and restarting it always fixes it in my experience - I have never needed to reboot.

Which version of macOS do you use? Do you switch dark/light mode while DEVONthink is running?

I am running10.14.6 MacOS and No I never switch from dark to light mode I am in dark mode all the time. After rebooting It has been OK so far I wait and see.

10.14.6 MacOs

I never switch from dark to light while DT3 is running

So far quitting DT3 and resuming has fixed it - no need to reboot

To clarify I shut down DT3 and it also resolved the problem but twice it came back. For no reason I could detect. Rebooting the machine seems to have resolved matters for now.

After a day the problem has returned when I was looking at notes it seemed to trigger this issue about dark mode! Definitely a bug. Sorry

And everything else is correct, only the Sorter uses the wrong colors?

No the problem seems to be that the clip from or send from Safari has lost colour and some of its content as above, also the notes are the same it is in the pop ups that this problem starts.

I have also experienced this issue but have not been able to reliably reproduce it.

I reported this problem 9 days ago and it is still a problem, I get this strange window as above in DT3 and also when taking a note. I have tried everything you suggested and the only answer seems to be to shut down DT3 and then reopen it then it works for a while is there anyone investigating this and with a solution?