Dark sorter background with DT3 in (partial) macOS Dark Mode


I’m using macOS in Dark Mode, with just the menubar and Dock in dark and the rest in light mode using this setting:

defaults write -g NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool Yes

This works fine for all apps and the main DevonThink 3 screen. Unfortunately the Sorter when accessed in the menubar uses a dark background, instead of the light background it uses when I have my Mac set to “Light mode” systemwide. Is there a reason DT3 Sorter doesn’t honor the “Light mode” setting for the sorter? I’ve also used to force light mode for DT3 using:

defaults write com.devon-technologies.think3 NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance -bool yes

But unfortunately this doesn’t change the appearance of the sorter. I’ve checked other threads (including Difficult to read links in Dark mode) where some mentions seem to indicate this should be fixed, but afaik it’s still an issue.

Would it be logical that the Sorter follow the same ‘Light mode’ settings as the main window or is there a reason they seem separate?

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Development would have to respond to this but note using Terminal hacks like this can certainly lead to unexpected behavior. YMMV

PS: Bear in mind we have people on well-deserved holiday vacation schedules. Extra patience is especially appreciated!

Thanks for your reply @BLUEFROG. Will I have to submit something to get this on the radar of Development? And no rush, will be happy to hear when they have time to respond.

Nope. Posting here is sufficient. And we all check out the forums, so I’m sure Development wil see this on their return.

I also encounter this problem. Has anything processed?

It’s in Development, though I can’t say whether it will be addressed in the next maintenance release or not. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

This has been fixed and will be included in the next update.

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@aedwards @BLUEFROG thanks - this is indeed fixed in the last update (3.0.4). One catch: the menubar icon is black-on-black if you’re using a Dark menubar and the rest in light mode (as explained above in this thread). When I select the icon it shows alright (white on blue selected background). Hopefully this can be fixed as well!

@aedwards @BLUEFROG any idea if the above is a bug / can be fixed?

I have fixed this and it should be in the next update.

Awesome @aedwards

Here’s to hoping that the 3.0.5 update will arrive sometime in the near future @aedwards @bluefrog (I know you don’t comment on update timelines, just eagerly hoping for this to be fixed)