Dashboard Widgets Change?

Call me vain, but the daskboard widgets, while useful, are not visually my cup of tea. Is there a way to change their look to be more DEVONthink-like looking?

No, that’s not possible.

On a different aspect of the DA widget: there’s no way to click-erase a prior query, and even if I manually erase it, it’s still there the next time I bring up Dashboard. Not a big problem for me, but I can imagine it would be a privacy issue on a shared computer?

It is saved in the user’s preferences when you fire a query. We could change it to not save it at any time.

It can only be a problem on a shared computer if you share the same user account. In that case there are so many privacy issues that our widget seems the least of your potential problems.

Do you mean the preferences of Devon Agent? I looked there and didn’t see an option for Do Not Save. Or do widgets have preference panes?

Widgets have their own preferences file independent of our apps. But currently we do not support any option to “not save.”