Data entry window after OCR

After scanning a document using my ScanSnap a window comes up allowing me to name the document, tag it & modify dates etc. Is it possible to expand the capabilities to include adding custom metadata at that point. I use custom dates to refer to the dates of meetings when I receive the papers & it would be much more convenient to be able to add that date at the point of import rather than edit the document later.


The suggestion is noted, with no promises, of course. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Using DTP 3.0.1, with ScanSnap iX500 and ScanSnap Home, with OCR done by DTP. The data entry window title field does not persist into the database, whether I change the text in it or not. (See screenshots.) I’ve unchecked and then rechecked the metadata item in preferences. I tried adding a Title metadata item and putting it in the toolbar, but nothing shows there; the Title field in the data entry window goes straight to the Name field in the database. Am I missing something, or is this one of the problems with ScanSnap and DTP3? Thanks.

Are there any smart rules (see sidebar) that might rename documents?

Look in the Smart Rules section of the Navigate sidebar.
If you have a smart rule named Incoming Scans, control-click it and choose Remove or Edit and set the event trigger to On

Turns out I had 2 “Incoming Scans” smart groups, neither of which I remember creating, one above the other. The top one had the event trigger, “On OCR”, and the bottom one had “On Demand”. After I trashed the top one, everything worked as it used to. Thanks for the quick and helpful response, much appreciated.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: