Data getting deleted

I connected Devonthink 3 to iCloud. It put in all the files in iCloud in the inbox. I did not want that to happen
I did a test run, and deleted a file from the inbox in devonthink and it deleted the file from iCloud. How can I stop the data from being deleted? I want to get rid of iCloud from the inbox but I suspect it will delete my iCloud files.

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What you have done, I assume, is to index the iCloud folder in DT. To stop indexing, delete the parent folder (i.e. the highest level folder of what you are indexing) in DT. When you then empty the trash in DT you should then be offered a choice of whether you want to delete the files from DT or from Finder & DT (see DEVONthink 3.6.2 Documentation, page 52). You would obviously select “Only in Database”.

I advise you should read the DT manual, specifically the in&out section.

Thank you so much Blanc

I feel insecure now clicking on delete trash

Is there a way to create a back up of the data before I delete it?

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If you have enough space on your local (or an external) hard drive, you would simply copy the data from the iCloud folder in Finder to a folder of your choice at any other location. That way, if all went wrong you could simply copy it back again.

It bears pointing out that you should, in general, always have backups of your important data; it’ll get lost one day if you don’t.

Let us know how you fared :slight_smile:

Thank you very much
I created a backup and then deleted it. I still have the files! Worked perfectly
Thank you