Data Import issues

Hi all,

I have recently started using DevonThink/Agent and am having a couple of problems. The most troubling is crashing during importing of web sites. I read a post recently that had some suggestions but when I implemented them it still crashes. I brought down the number of concurent threads to 1 and allowed overwriting of pages. Any suggestions? This is one of the features I bought this package for. Have these “fixes” worked for others?

Also I am having problems scanning into DevonThink the application acknowledges that this is a problem under Leopard. Does anyone have an idea when this issue will be fixed? This is the second way that I want to get data in. Knowing that there is a workaround is helpful but it would be nice to capture right into the application.

Thanks for any help.


Please send a message to Support including the text of your post, one or more URLs of sites that caused crashes, and attach a recent DT Pro crash report (located at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/).