Data loss—prevention and other subjects

I’m concerned about data loss and ghost files. I know they’re rare, but that doesn’t help the few who get hit with the problem.

First of, what are the circumstances where people are seeing lost data errors? My impression is it comes up with indexed files, not database files, and that it’s possibly only happening when using DT for Mac in conjunction with DTTG. Although I have seen reports of one instance where DTTG is not being used, that person did use it in the past, so perhaps the problem is legacy?

If I understand correctly, running “Verify & Repair Database” and “Check File Integrity” regularly can help stop, mitigate, and identify at least some of the problems. So I did so this morning on all my databases. However, I got the following error message on one of my databases–and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the most important one I have! “File doesn’t have a checksum yet.”

CleanShot 2021-11-23 at 11.32.32

I assume this error means DT can’t check the integrity of the file, but expects to be able to do so once it generates a checksum. When can we expect that to happen? I have run the integrity check several times.

The files themselves seem to be fine.

Should I be concerned here? How do I make this error stop occurring?

After opening databases containing items imported/added by DEVONthink versions older than 3.8, DEVONthink automatically tries to calculate the checksum. Are the logged files indexed or imported files?

They are imported files.

Is that file intact in the database?

Both files (not just one) appear to be intact.

And I just ran both “Verify & Repair Database” and “Check File Integrity” on the affected database and resulted in no error message.

I’m prepared to declare this issue as solved. But I’m wondering what the cause was? I don’t think these files were added prior to 3.8–and even if they were, the database was closed and opened at least once prior to yesterday, when I noticed the error.


Glad to hear it.
If it recurs, pop open a support ticket via our bug reporting mechanism and we can look at the logs.

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According to the screenshot the checksum wasn’t calculated yet, maybe because the files were added/imported using an older version or maybe because the checksum was still queued for calculation in the background. That would explain why it’s now solved.

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