Data loss when moving groups between databases

This is indeed not the expected behaviour and so far I can’t reproduce this. Is one or are both of the databases encrypted (.dtSparse)? Was the moved group or any of its items indexed or is the destination group indexed? And finally, do you use any smart rules that might cause such unexpected results?

Thanks for the answer.

No to all three - none of my databases are encrypted, none of the moved files were indexed, no smart rules were applied. The destination group was the database itself.

I also cannot reproduce it. I can now move that group anywhere I want, in and out of other databases, with files opened in external applications, without any problems. /var/log doesn’t seem to have anything unusual. Will keep an eye on things.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - maybe the logs still contain some useful hints. Thanks!


I had the same issue today. I created a new database, then dragged groups to the new database. All the groups were lost, and most of the files. Not good!

The same thing is described in the course of this thread. You will have worked out for yourself that you will need to restore the database from a backup. In the aforementioned thread, the user experiencing the problem reported back that either moving smaller batches of documents or using duplicate rather than move was successful.

As suggested in the linked thread, I think opening a support ticket is a valuable step. To my knowledge DT haven’t been able reproduce the issue, so any additional information you provide via their support system is likely to help.

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Thanks for the reply. The really weird thing is many of the missing files were in the global inbox!

Happen again today.

  1. New DB
  2. drag a Group (around 3G 3500 items) to the new DB - nothing shows in the DB but the total size if the new DB show 3G…
  3. deleted the new DB and create it again,
  4. Duplicate the same group to the new DB - parts of the data have been copied, missing around 1G. but this time with some group structure.

I’m in a situation now that I’m afraid to move a group and need to check and compare every time.

can not trust DT3 :sweat:
Need some help.

In that case the items should definitely be in the database. Is a verification of the database successful? Did you check the Trash or the Tags group? A screenshot of the main window showing the database plus a screenshot of File > Database Properties would be useful, thanks. Finally, do you use any smart rules that are triggered after moving items?

No Smart rules.
Verification was OK.
I have tried a few times with different results…none of the times ALL files and groups have copied completely.

You didn’t respond to these two things yet.
If you’re hesitant to post a screen capture here, open a support ticket and send it along.


How many items does a toolbar search for kind:any in this database find? On the screenshot a lot of items seem to be already there. Did you check the trash or the tags group of this database? A screenshot of File > Database Properties would be still appreciated.


for the old group or new DB ?

Ideally both to compare the database settings too.

New DB

, AFTER duplicate of the group from the old location.

The GROUP structure did not move to the new DB

Open the smart group, select and item, and press Command-R to reveal it. Where is it located in the database?

Does a toolbar search for kind:PDF find anything in this database? There are actually 2422 PDF documents in it.