Data > New Rich text With Template

It would be great if I’ll be allowed to perform something like “Data > New Rich text With Template” to create a new document based on the template referenced into the Preference.

As it already exist for template and Wiki-link… but without the need to create a Wiki link before


I posted something like this in another thread. This is a slight alteration. It will create a new document and open it in a text window with the contents of a template file with a specific name.

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set theTemplateName to "Basic Template"
	set theTemplateItems to search theTemplateName comparison exact within titles
	set theTemplate to the rich text of item 1 of theTemplateItems
	set theNewItem to create record with {name:"New Document", type:rtf, rich text:theTemplate}
	open window for record theNewItem
end tell