Database archiving

Each month (I’ve set myself a reminder), I export/database archive all my databases to Onedrive so that I have a complete backup if my hard drive fails (I do use time machine too).
Is this a good method of creating full backups?
If it is, is there anyway of automating the process so I had a script that creates archives without me have to manually perform the procedure? I have about 10 or 12 databases, most small but some about 5gb.

Probably covered many times, so apologizes if repeating what’s already been covered.

You’re creating ZIP files of the databases? If so, then yes, this is a fine thing to do.

As far as it happening “automatically”, I would ask why. You have set yourself a reminder and only do this process once a month.
I ask for two reasons:

  1. I sometimes toy with the idea of using automatic bill payments instead of manually paying bills online i[/i]. However, I continue to do the process manually every month as it helps keep me aware of what is happening with my finances. I know what I’ve paid and when, and create a PDF of every transaction. (I can tell you the amount of my electric bill from March of 2011, if you’d like :mrgreen: )
  2. Creating a database archive is a blocking process, that is the application is inoperable while it’s working on this. I generally do not advocate “automatic” running of a blocking process like this. If it can be triggered automatically, it has no awareness of what is currently happening on the machine.