Database busy

I am running DTP 2.8.8 with OS 10.11.1
I just did a clean install and merged my data from a clone.
When DTP launches it says “Database Seems to be busy”. I click cancel and my database loads. How can I stop this behavior that I didn’t have before.

Thank you

Did DEVONthink crash or did you use force quit? Is the database located on a local volume?

No it didn’t crash. I have two options “Ok” and “Cancel”. I press Cancel and my database loads.

The database is on my hard disk

Do you have more than one copy of DEVONthink running? Command-Tab.

No, I only have one copy of DTP installed.
It worked well until I did a clean install.
I hadn’t been launching devonagent express and devonsphere express because of some conflict some time ago. No they are running.


Please start a Support Ticket.