Database can not be repaired, optimized: options greyed out

Hi there
One of my databases have failed to backup today (I use Export->Daily Backup archive script). I have tried the verify/optimize/rebuild path, but none of the options are available, all that section in the Tools menu are greyed out.

I have tried to close the database, but the option is also greyed out; I quit and reopen DTPO, no luck, fully restart the Mac, no luck either.

Any other ideas? Dabase size is about 400MB. I can browse the database, perform searches, and see the records, but I can not perform a backup and none of the previous options works, which do not seem to be good.

Is there a crossed pencil icon to the right of the database’s name?

No, at least I can not see it in the Navigation bar, I have attached an screenshot.

Please start a Support Ticket and include a screencap of the whole app and Tools menu open.