Database contents disappeared

Have a small database with just graphic related files. There were a half dozen JPG, PSD and ISPX files. When adding another image to the inbox, I noticed a few minutes later that all the other images are gone. They are not in the trash, inbox, or any other open database. I searched in the Finder and all that it found was the Devonthink reference to them.

In restoring backups, it looks like the images are back, but when clicking on them DTPO says file not found. Checking the package contents via the Finder only shows the new image and all the others are gone.

I had some suspicions in the past of files disappearing in DTPO on this machine and version of the software and on another machine with an earlier version of DTPO, but this is the first time I have seen it happen.

I have recently run Disk Warrior on this disk and it does not have a history of file problems.

Any idea what happened and is there any way of recovering from this disaster?

Where is the database located?

/Files/~Files - JLC/DevonThink/Graphics.dtBase2

This looks like it might be a separate volume from the boot disk. Perhaps a volume shared with other users? Is it a location on Dropbox, or Box, or other cloud?

Shared volumes are (usually) not a problem, but Dropbox etc., can destroy databases.

Understanding that case is what’s behind Jim’s question, I believe.

It is a local volume that is not the boot disk and not Dropbox or any other form of cloud. It is shared only in the sense that I sometimes take the contents with me when on the road.

Likely irrelevant here, but having ~Files in that location of the pathname will try expanding it to the home folder of a user named Files in certain contexts (e.g. command line shells).