Database couldn't be created [dropbox sync]

After activating dropbox sync and managed the voodoo of syncing, everything is ok for me. But at every start Devonthink Pro shows the error message:

Database couldn’t be created!

even if I could access to my local and synced databases.

Any suggestion?

  1. Is it one occurrence or is it repeating? Press the clear button to clear the log. Does the message reappear?

  2. Where are your databases located?

  1. The error message appears once at every startup in a dialog box. In the log file there are only one warning (unrelated, I suppose, looks like a duplicated class in framework)

04/03/13 10:09:19,206 DEVONthink Pro[421]: objc[421]: Class CJSONDeserializer is implemented in both /Applications/DEVONthink and /Applications/DEVONthink One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

  1. Databases are local, in ˜/Document/MyDatabases folder, then synced via DropBox

Thank you very much for your help

I’ll see what I can find but it should be harmless.