Database count not shown

The first (highlighted) database in DEVONthink 3 does not provide a file counter.

As far as I understand this is a global setting and should be displayed for all databases. I rebuilt the database to check if this would resolve the issue and if didn’t, and I haven’t seen the problem raised elsewhere.

Perhaps you could assist?
Screenshot 2022-01-08 at 20.23.25

Sure, by pointing you to this thread.

PS you’ve got 1609 unread records. It’s going to be a long week :see_no_evil:

Thanks @Blanc

I just had no unread documents in that database :man_facepalming: First week back from holidays blues!

Luckily DT ‘reads’ a lot of my files so I don’t have to, but please don’t tell my supervisor my secret :wink: