Database crash

Hi all,

This morning I opened DTPO, and was greeted by the following message following a hang of about 30 seconds:

Database ‘Inbox.dtBase2’ seems to be already in use! The database you are trying to open seems to be either in use by another instance of Devonthink Pro Office or has not been closed properly the last time it was used. Press “Continue” to open the database anyway if you are sure it is not in use by another copy of DTPO.’

I always quit all applications before shutting down my mac (which I generally do once a week), and do not back up to any cloud service so there shouldn’t be any issue there. Having pressed ‘Cancel’ originally, the database continued to hang and wouldn’t open so I force quit. I also shut my machine down.

Having re-started I tried to open DTPO again and was met with the same message. This time I pressed ‘Continue’ - the programme opened, but crashed almost immediately. My databases were also empty, and I was greeted with the same message as above, except this time specific to the database name rather than the inbox. The programme has also told me that my mac is offline, which it is not.

Rebuilding the database does not seem to work. Any suggestions? This is extremely frustrating, as you can imagine.

Please file a Support ticket on this matter. Thank you.

I would, but I keep getting a ‘Sorry, we’re back soon’ message from the website. The forum is the only part of the website that I can currently access.

Ahh… regression isn’t finished. Try this direct link to our help desk…

Thanks Bluefrog, have submitted a ticket. Any idea when the website will be back up? Just in case I need to re-install the software.