Database doesn't open at startup

I just got a new MacBook, and upon installing DT Pro (1.2) I opened my old database. It gave me the “Database in use” message that others have gotten, but I selected “ignore” and I haven’t seen that message again.

I set my preferences to open the windows that were open when I quit. However, my database does not open when I start DT. I have re-checked the preference setting each time, restarted the computer, and I can’t think of anything else to do.

Suggestions? Is this typical of 1.2?

Ed, with your database open, select File > Database properties. Near the top of the Database Properties panel check the option to make this your default database.

Now the database will open each time DT Pro is launched. Even if you have other database, it’s highly recommended to make one database “default” so that information triggered to DT Pro when it is quit can be captured.