Database empty

Sometime ago I made a backup of five years of mails in a devonthink archive. It was some gigabytes of mails.

Yesterday I need to read a old message so I open the archive. The archive was empty. I quit devon and see the size and it was 256mb. I open again the archive and look in the history. Empty. I try to verify the database and devon said it was all right. I try to restore a backup and there was 4 old backups.
I choose a backup and all the email appears. But when I try to read an email I have only a long link with the address of the sender and receiver of the email.
No text, no message.

What can I do? How could be happened this disaster?


No one has got ideas?

I suggest using the Support Ticket System if you’re unable to get help here.

Yes, that’s better handled as a Support request, as there may be a number of questions to be answered.

Thank you, I’ll try.