Database for DTPO disappeared

I’m a new user of DTPO, and have not been paying much attention to it, but I noticed that it was accumulating scans from my ScanSnap etc.
Today I scanned a sheet, and was startled to see the database Inbox is nearly empty.
Recent databases shows nothing.
I don’t remember where the database was being kept.
Perhaps it was on a network RAID box–one of those changed volume names recently, so that’s a suspect.
What is the database named, how would I search for it?
Is there a log somewhere of database names and locations that have been accessed?

Your databases have the filename extension .dtBase2 and you can search for that string using Spotlight.

If a database was on a volume that was renamed, DEVONthink would lose the path to that database. However, if the volume is mounted you should be able to open the database either by double-clicking on the database file, or by DEVONthink’a File > Open command, then navigating to and selecting the database.