Database forgets Sync, then refuses to sync

I have a database synced via Dropbox. Inexplicably, it seems to have stopped syncing some time ago from my laptop (also accessed from a desktop). Now when I try to re-establish the sync from the laptop, it refuses: namely, in the Sync panel in Preferences, the database in question says “Not yet synchronized, upload database.” When I select synchronize (in any of the multiple places one can choose that) I get a brief flurry of activity, then nothing happens.

I do not understand how a database just stops syncing without any notification to the user. I also do not understand why it now refuses to sync.

Check Window > Log.


Thanks! There was an error that my encryption password was wrong. (Apparently, I have to type it in, as copy and pasting it did not work :question: )

Working now (though I still do not know why it stopped syncing 2 months ago). I wish the warning about errors in syncing were more apparent. I had looked in the activity and download windows but had not though to check the log …

Again, thanks! :smiley:


You’re welcome.