Database gone after upgrading to Leopard


I just upgraded from OS X10.4.10 to Leopard,
it took me about an hour and half…

when I finished upgrading and , when i opened Devonthink personal,
all data is gone now…

Is it really gone??
and how do i recover if it is still somewhere on my macinthosh HD?


Your internal backup should allow recovery of the date as of the data of the latest backup.

But don’t attempt recovery until possible Leopard issues are resolved. Wait.

Did the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink survive the upgrade? And are the folder/file permissions correct?

I hope there will be a good way to recover this database as the backup is no longer there either (as near as I can tell). The big question is how & why does this happen with an OS upgrade? It shouldn’t even touch DT’s databases…


Christian, I have verified that:
~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink PRO/
appear to have survived the upgrade with permissions intact.


This folder contains the scripts of DEVONthink Pro but which edition do you actually use? DT Pro can use multiple databases wherever you like on your volumes but DT Personal stores the contents in the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink.

I am using DT Pro(office). My Database was on an external volume.

Well, the database should be still on your external volume. What does happen after double-clicking on the database?

That’s just it…It’s not there for me to “double click” - It’s gone.

Well, that’s definitely no issue related to DEVONthink and therefore I don’t know what happened.