Database Idisk Synchronization

I am thinking about enabling an offline copy of my idisk, then creating a folder called “data” inside my idisk documents folder, then inside that folder place my devonthink databases. Would I have any problems with this setup and location of databases. Ive placed the data folder in the finder sidebar for quick access. I want to try this setup because I want to start keeping my important documents synced online. Im just concerned about having databases in the idisk might cause things to misbehave, anyone else do this?

We recommend against that at this time. Based on other users’ experience, you are likely to see poor performance and a high potential of errors.

Some users report success with DropBox. Caution: always close a database before trying to access it on another computer. And remember that synchronization may not be instantaneous.

Annard has mentioned a future plugin to make ‘cloud’ synchronization safer. I wouldn’t try it on iDisk until then.

ok thx for the info

What does work safely is using iDisk to store zipped archives of databases. DT Pro/Office 2 include scripts to archive databases to JungleDisk or iDisk.

But I would probably use File > Export > Database Archive to create a compressed archive on my hard drive, then login to MobileMe and directly upload the archive to my iDisk Documents folder. With my slow and flaky satellite broadband service, I’m more likely to get the file uploaded manually in a reasonable time, than by depending on automatic synching.