"Database In Use" & Empty Trash Crash

I use DT Pro Office on two computers. Even if I have the appl closed on one computer, the other says my database is in use. Since this message started to appear, every time I click ignore, open the database, and try to empty its trash, the DT Pro Office crashes. Please advise. Thank you.

Where is the database? Dropbox?

Yes, the database is in my Dropbox. But please note that in the several years that I have had DT Pro Office, I have neither had an issue like this nor a problem with Dropbox.

This does not matter. Again, Dropbox IS NOT made for syncing a live database. You may have gotten by with it for years but that does not change the technical facts of the situation.

You should immediately remove the database from your Dropbox folder and use the Sync plugin we have provided. There is no legitimate reason to attempt to continue your current habit when the Sync plugin provides a safe and appropriate transport.

Note: Removing the database will not “fix” any database issues you may have already incurred. It removes Dropbox’s mechanism as a potential source of future problems.

Thank you for your response. I’m sorry, but I’m confused. One of the Sync options is to sync using Dropbox.

Kind regards.

Yes, an option for using Sync involves Dropbox. But that doesn’t mean the database can be placed in Dropbox! If your database file is in Dropbox, your data is at risk.

Just a thought, this problem seems to come up time and time again and people can not seem to grasp the fact that Dropbox is not the place to keep a DTP database, I just wonder if some kind of warning could be appended when people purchase DTP? Of course the problem will still possibly remain, but at least purchasers would have been warned.

Yes, I agree that a warning should probably be applied upon first opening DT Pro Office.

I am a novice at syncing with DT. So I do hope that you can help with the following, probably not very bright question:

I removed my databases from Dropbox. I used the DT sync option to sync my databases to Dropbox instead. Now, hw do I access the synced database on my other computer?

On the second computer, using DEVONthink, you will import the database to that machine. You now will have one copy per machine and Dropbox will hold the Sync data.

I hope you won’t be too frustrated with me when I tell you that when I click “Import Database” under Sync in DT Preferences, The box is blank; there is no database to import.

Please submit a Support ticket.

Okay. Thank you both so much!