Database in USE Problems


I have a database on my macbookpro and i opened it from my desktop. Clicking through documents it quit DTPro a few times. The last time, it did not completely quit DTPro but just made it hang. I could not force quit and had to restart. Now the database will not open from the laptop because it is “in use”. I hope there is a solution for this. As a crash over the network seemed reasonably likely.


I recommend against running a database on a network. There are problems that can result in data loss or corruption.

Your database is damaged. It’s likely that data was being written to disk when the Force Quit command was invoked – and a freeze may also have happened because of errors. The previous series of quits was an indication that errors were present.

You should be able to recover the previous state of the database as of the most recent backup. Here’s how:

[1] Quit DT Pro. In the Finder, select the database package file and choose the contextual menu option Show Package Contents.

[2] Select (don’t open) the copy of the backup folder and copy it (Option - Drag) to another location, e.g. your Desktop. Return to the folder view of your database and copy the Files folder from it into your copied Backup folder.

[3] Select (don’t open) the copied Backup folder and press Command-I to open the Info panel. In the Info panel, rename the Backup folder and add the suffix “.dtBase” (case is important) to the folder name. Press Return and quit the Info panel. Note that the former folder has become a DT Pro package file with the DT Pro shell logo.

Double-click on the new database to open it. Inspect it to check that it seems to be running properly. If so, run Tools > Verify & Repair. If not, quit DT Pro, throw away the new database and start over at [1] above, this time selecting the next most current internal backup folder, Backup0.

Once again, let me sing the praises of Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. When I’ve put in hours of work on a database, when I take a break I’ll invoke Backup Archive in just seconds. When I return from break the database has been verified, optimized and has current internal and external backups. The external backup is the smallest possible compressed and dated archive of the database; it’s a good idea to copy it to an external medium to prevent loss if the hard drive were to fail.