"database is already in use"

Got home from work today, with more stuff yet to do, mounted my iPod, double clicked on my DT Pro database to launch DT and the database, and got a “database is already in use” message. Hmm… can’t be. So I copied it to the desktop, launched from there. Same message. Clicked ignore this time, all seemed fine, closed and quit, then reopened the database… and all seems well. No message.

Anything to worry about?

You’ve probably copied the database to the iPod while it was still in use. Please use “Tools > Verify & Repair” - if this command won’t report any issues, then everything should be fine.

Great, thanks for the info, that makes sense.

I did a verify and all is well! It’s great that you give us verification, repair, and backup tools… Very responsible.

One of those tools is very convenient for making external backups, and i highly recommend it.

Select DT Pro’s Scripts > Export > Backup Archive. Backup Archive will first run Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimize, then ask you to select the location for an external backup. It will make the smallest possible zipped archive of your database, and even append the date to the file name of the archive.

If your data is important, you might copy the backup archive to an external drive, CD or DVD. And if it’s super important, store a copy offsite (just in case your house burns down).

Being paranoid isn’t always wrong. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a super-useful script!