Database is already use!

A few moments ago, during the execution of the script Export:Backup Archive…, I had to Force Quit DTpro while it was about 2/3 the way through step 4 of 5. When I relaunched the application, a message popped up:

Database is already in use!
Ignore - OK

It doesn’t matter which button I choose, I cannot open this database. Most of the menus are grayed so I can’t access things like Verify & Repair.
I can create a new database and I can open the DTPro tutorial database.
I try to open the database in question through the menu and I get the same message as above.

How can I get my this thing open?


DTPro v1.1.1
OS X (10.3.9)

Hi, Gerber:

First approach. In the Finder, take a look inside the database package to see if there’s a “lock” file. May not make any difference, but if it’s there, delete it, then try to open the database.

More likely approach. In the Finder, with the database package contents revealed (and with DT Pro quit):

[1] In the Finder, create a new folder that will become a replacement database package.

[2] Inside your damaged database package, open Backup Folder0, select the contents and Option-drage (copy) them to your new database folder.

[3] Inside your damaged database package, Option-drag (copy) the Files folder to your new database folder.

[4] Close the new database folder and select it. Press Command-I to open the Info panel. Rename the folder to whatever you wish, then append “.dtBase” (without quotes) to the folder name. Close the Info panel.

[5] Double-click the new database package file. If the Backup Archive script had finished its work on the Backup & Optimize step, your new database will be just as it was before the problem happened.

Discussion: If the damage was done before Backup0 was properly written, your new database won’t open. Next step: Quit DT Pro. In the Finder, open both the older and new database packages. In the new one, delete the 10 numbered files. Open Backup1 in the old database and copy the contents to the new database folder. Close the new folder and double-click on the package file. Hopefully, this will open, but the database will be in the state when that backup was made.

Good luck. Let us know what happens.

Well…looky there at all them files I got again. Thank you, Bill.

The only thing I did different from your steps was to choose to use the folder “Backup” rather than “Backup.0”. The modified date was more recent and the file sizes seemed to be consistent with what I would expect. And it worked just fine.

I almost copied this thread to the database before I realized it wouldn’t help me there. It’s now a text file in my DtPro folder if I ever need to repeat these steps.