Database Issue: Record Not Found

Looking for help here. Whenever I close Devonthink Pro Office (v 2.8.9) on my Mac (OS X 10.11.3) I receive a notification about the system having trouble with a specific database entry. When the system syncs to my DTStore via WebDAV, for the past several months I’ve been receiving a Log error that states

Time: Time Entry
File/Action: Sync: Inbox -> DTStore (web address) (WebDAV)
Info: The operation was cancelled.

Time: Time Entry
File/Action: Sync: Inbox -> DTStore (web address) (WebDAV)
Info: EntryName: (Could not load a record (not found)).

EntryName, however, refers to an entry (and entire folder) that I deleted months ago. A database search now doesn’t show anything, but for some reason it looks like the system is still trying to find the entry.

The issue doesn’t seem to hurt anything other than being a slight annoyance with the log popping up and needing closed several times a day, but it would be nice to clear everything up, as the annoyance hasn’t cleared itself in quite some time. Verify & Repair doesn’t seem to fix it. Any hints from the experts would certainly be appreciated!

You should do a Clean Location for the database you’re having issues with. Here are instructions…

  1. Open Preferences (Command-,) and click the Sync tab.
  2. In the lefthand pane, choose the problematic database that is being Synced.
  3. Then in the righthand pane, the Location you are having the problem with.
  4. Under the righthand pane, click the Action button (gear icon) and choose Clean Location…
  5. You will be prompted that this will delete the remote data. Allow it to proceed. This is supposed happen as you need to Sync with fresh data.
    (* This only has to be done once per database and by one machine. Once the syncStore is cleaned and Synced with fresh data, other machines can Sync to the new store as expected.)

Thank you sir. Issue resolved – piece of cake!!!

No problem. Also, make sure to periodically check the health of your databases.

Gladly. May I ask if there’s a specific procedure for doing so you can point me to?


Here’s a quick read: … -database/