Database Item Counts

I need an explanation of Database item counts in DTTG3. On the “home” screen next to each database a number is listed. For instance in one of my databases it is 4561. I open that database and hit “i” and it tells me the database has 4.4 GB (5346 items). What is the discrepancy here? The second set matches the data given in Database Properties for my Mac, so the item count on the home screen of DTTG is what doesn’t match.

Also, in the DTTG Help manual it says these numbers are the number of files in the Inbox, which is clearly not correct (I think that is a holdover from DTTG2, so should be corrected.)

Does this database contain any unread items? Then the number of unread items should be shown. Another difference is that the sidebar on the Mac and on the iPhone/iPad only shows the number of documents (excluding groups, smart groups, tags & feeds) whereas the database info/properties shows the total item count (including all items).

No unread items. On the Mac no total counts are shown at the database level, only if Unread items are present. I would find it useful if they were, but I only see item counts at the Group level. If item counts were present I could compare the counts on the Mac to the iPhone/iPad to double-check syncing is accurate.

And another question re. this:
I have noticed on my iOS devices that the document count in the sidebar matches across devices but the database info count does not – seems they should? Is this a problem?

The items counts will vary depending on what’s been read. If there are unread items, the number of unread items is displayed and the item count is emboldened. If there are no unread items, the item count is the total number of files in the location.

Does that help?

I understand that Unread item counts override the display of total item counts. That is not the issue and never was. In further discussion here let us assume there are no Unread items.

The questions I have now are:

  1. The counts under the Info tab (on iPhone/iPad) do not match on databases that are fully synced. Does that matter? Seems like they should match.
  2. DT3 on the Mac does not display total document count at the database level (though Christian implied it did). I know this used to be the case with DT2 (I think). I would like that if there was a way to enable it. (And yes, “Display number of items inside groups” in Prefs is turned ON.)

In DEVONthink To Go’s ? > Help > Appendix> Utility URL Commands, execute the fix command.
Do this on both iOS devices.
Does that resolve the counts?

I did “fix” on both iPhone and iPad and it did not resolve the counts.

Upfront: I don’t mean below comments as negative critique and might certainly be wrong or underestimate the complexity of the item count processes involved.

That said: IMO any maintenance url that is required to ‘fix’ something (that at least seems) as straightforward as a document count, comes across to me in essence as a sign that the underlying process is buggy.

I recently set up a new sync store, synced multiple devices with a newly installed DTTG3 (without DTTG2 being present) and ended up with one device that reported one document less in one database than all other devices including DT on macOS.

I then deleted DTTG3 on that device, installed it again, synced and all databases reported the same item count.

Considering the repeated questions about item counts on this discussion board, I would suggest a deeper dive into the working of that process and why people seem to keep reporting discrepancies (assuming no user error that is). But complex software like DT and DTTG will likely always have some process to take a deep dive into I think :grinning:

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