Database Location (Global Inbox)


is it possible to remove the Global Inbox or what is the reason to have tow inboxes if i use a second database?

if i create a new database i can use a networkdrive to save it… can i also move the global inbox into a networkdrive?

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While you can technically move it, you should not (and this is not supported behavior if you do).

The Global Inbox is an ever-present database meant to be a temporary storage location for data that will be sorted at a later time. This can also be helpful for times when you are quickly capturing information for a database that you haven’t even created yet. If you have other databases open, yes you could use their Inboxes as well.

And yes, you can put a database on a networked drive, but an external drive on the network is a better option than an NAS. See: … -that-nas/