Database location

I have DTPO installed on my MBP laptop (internal drive = 320GB). I have > 50 GB of data spread over several databases and more incoming all the time.

The internal drive kept filling up. So I moved all the databases from the internal drive to an external drive, and my “drive full” problem ended. One of the external databases is the default in the general prefs.

Two weeks ago a new db > 8 GB appeared at Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox.dtBase2. It’s a copy of the inbox db on my external drives. (Yes I’m a ‘little’ behind in keeping things organized due to a heavy recent workload). I didn’t create this db and I don’t want it there - my hard drive is getting close to full again.

DTPO must have created it for some reason. Can anyone suggest why? And how to prevent this? It may be connected to the fact that sometimes my external drives are not mounted - this being a laptop, it does get moved around.

Thanks for any feedback.

That’s your Global Inbox, which is a standard feature. It isn’t ‘new’, as it was automatically created the first time DEVONthink Pro Office was launched; it will be recreated if removed.

If you added new content when your external drive wasn’t connected, the content went to the Global Inbox.

I suggest you regard that database as a temporary holder for unfiled content. When your external drive is connected and your other databases are open, empty the Global Inbox by filing its content into your working databases.

It is possible to operate normally if you move Inbox.dtBase2 from ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/ to an external drive, and place a symbolic link back into the Application Support folder.

If the relocated Inbox.dtBase2 is not mounted, then my suggestion will not work.

Thanks, I should have thought of a symbolic link myself, I’ll try it.