Database Locked -- Can't do a thing

After updating to Tiger, importing user settings, et al, from my 10.3 setup – I find my DevonThink 1.9.3 database “locked up.” I cannot add or import data. I cannot run repair or cleanup or export the database. The latter actions are greyed out on the menu. The former (attempting to add of import data) just silently dies."

Any ideas?




Did you move the DT PE registration file from your 10.3.x setup?

Look for it at /YourUserName/Library/Preferences/ with the file name:

Move that file into your current setup and see if your database is now available to you.

Thanks for the reply. I checked for the plist file and it is indeed there. My copy of DevonThink shows up as registered when it is run.

Must be something else. What/where is the database file – so I can check permissions?



Your DT PE file should be in your Home directory:
'YourUserName/Library/Application Support/ and is in the folder named DEVONthink. That folder should contain ten number files from 1 to 10, and perhaps backup folders and a Files folder. It should not be small in size if you had a working database with content. Check the DEVONthink folder size in the Finder/Info. If there is a ‘lock’ file in the folder, remove it.

I don’t know how you upgraded your OS. If the DEVONthink folder in Application Support is empty of data, or almost so, check your old setup to see if the folder exists there. If so, move it to the location noted above.

One more question: Did you download DT Pro beta and convert the database to the new format? If you converted the only copy of the DT PE database, let me know and I’ll tell you how to recover it.

Howdy Bill,

     I solved the problem.  When I looked at the permissions in the ~/Library/Application Support directory, I saw that the DevonThink directory was owned by the root (the only directory thus owned).  Switching it back to me did the trick.  

Thanks for your time.