Database maintenance activity still hidden: please add visible ACTIVITY WINDOW and STATUS REPORT

Thx for all changes the last times, but there is still a big issue:

Background checks of database while opened are still not clear. For more than two weeks, my database wasn’t synced to Dropbox neither to the iPad, because of a database repair problem.

The problem ist still the same, i asked for it years ago: at least a negative result of the last database verification SHOULD BE displayed as a popup or a STATUS window that is ALWAYS visible.

I cannot understand while the results are still literally hidden in the user interface.

I don’t agree; I’m fine with an optional setting though. Log entries are currently indicated by the :warning: symbol, and I regularly check the log if it contains any entries. I don’t consider the information there to be hidden. I’m assuming, of course, that the information you are requesting is logged.

I’d like log entries to use symbols and possibly both priorities and filters though. I don’t need the same entry 100 times (e.g. temporary server errors) either (that could be displayed as multiple: with the whole list available on click). And by all means offer a popup as an option for priority 1 entries; but please don’t ever force popups on me :see_no_evil:

PS it is already possible to have the log window automatically open when a new entry is created.


Did you enable the option to show the Log automatically?

yes, "automatically show log " is ticked. This didn’t prevent me from having 2 weeks without sync. I think that such important informations should be more be visible.

@Blanc writes " I regularly check the log if it contains any entries.". Why should i do this? There are so many things to check every day or to have an eye kept on. Software should not make us work more, but less.

Every software i am using that syncs in background like Dropbox and Google Drive warn clearly when there is a sync problem. Why Devon should not do this?

Which error was actually logged? If it’s enabled, then the Log should have been definitely opened. Was it hidden behind another window/app or in another space?

This is especially true as i work every hour with DTPO, adding at least 5 -10 documents every day, having 5 databases with 4- 9 GB data, synced locally AND via Dropbox. So i guess i am not an occasionally user of DTPO.

It was empty files errors. @cgrunenberg thx for your quick answers.

No, it was not hidden in another space, i don’t work with MAcOS spaces. It was hidden somewhere on the same screen. I would really love to see the activity monitor in the lower left pane ALWAYS visible, at least if there has been an error, or the possibility to dock the log in the same place (left down pane) in every open instance of DTPO.

Another possibilty could be a little color dot with every database green: everything fine, sync fine.

Is the Log item part of your toolbar? It should show a small warning icon too.

The log item is in the tool bar, yes, but i have never seen/remarked any warning there.

The icon of the Log toolbar item should show the number of unread entries. E.g. after verifying a database via File > Verify & Repair Database successfully there should be one new entry.

I pulled this icon on the first place now. Perhaps this will warn me earlier.

But i still would prefer have at least the activity monitor in the left down pane persistant, or replaced by the log.

Sometimes I have 50 entries telling me of a bad gateway to a cloud provider. This is a pretty regular occurrence, and always self limiting, so of very little interest to me. The idea of having a popup appear 50 times in a short space of time is the reason why I’m quite happy for things to be quietly logged, and I’ll deal with them as and when.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m quite happy for a popup to be available, I just don’t want one. So I’m not suggesting DEVONtech should not follow up on your idea - just that

is very much what you want, but that users are a loose heterogenic bunch and what is good (or even an absolutism) for one is not necessarily good for the other :slight_smile:


I find also un believable that after a “Verify and Repair” there is NO information that it has been succesfully verfied. Have to lookup result by searching the Log Window. The Activity Monitor could at least stay open with the last status information. Person cannot know surely if the last verification has been succesfully or not

There will be an alert if it’s not.

And a log entry if it is.

That is exactly what happens, with the Log window, for me when I run a Verify and Repair…. The Log window opens and displays the result.


here, it stays hidden behind other windwos

It might be helpful just to confirm the version numbers of macOS and DT that you’re running. (Apologies if I’ve overlooked those in this thread but at a quick glance I’ve not noticed them being mentioned.)


Hi, i am on 3.8 on Big Sur!