Database not indexing...

Help! I rely on DTKP a lot for accessing all sorts of data for home and work. I’ve recently updated to the latest versions on Mac (2.9.1) and iOS and think I have just sorted out the new syncing method (Dropbox).

Tonight I noticed for the first time that the databases in which I had indexed items, are no longer able to be updated. If I select a file and ‘Show in Finder’, the file is revealed in the appropriate folder (so the link to the external file is still intact). However, if I place a new file in that external folder and ‘Update indexed items’, the file does not show up in DTKP as it used to. Similarly, if I drag a file directly into DTKP, I no longer get an ‘Move to external folder’ option.

Can someone advise on this please - I really can’t afford to have DTK start failing on me.

Thank you,


I just created a new dummy database and I have the correct indexing properties (as I am used to), present in that. So this is definitely a problem with my existing databases. This will be a nightmare if I have to re-index everything - I have multiple databases and indexed items/folders from various places on my hard drive.

I have recreated the most important database and the new version seems to be fine. I am thinking the old one must have corrupted somewhere along the line.

Remember to check the health of your databases periodically. Here’s something to read: … -database/