Database not syncing

I’m experimenting with DevonThink (Pro Office) for the first time. I have a database, which I see under Inbox, on mylaptop. It happens to contain the results of an Import from Evernote operation. I set it to sync via Dropbox, and it did upload all the data (the Sync process took a while and I could see on the progress bar that the right number of things had been synchronized). I then opened DevonThink on my home desktop computer, set up Sync to use Dropbox, and hit Synchronize, but not much happened - I don’t see the same database appearing in DevonThink, and the log window shows

6:37:51 AM: Sync: Inbox → (Dropbox) The operation was cancelled.
6:37:51 AM: Sync: Inbox → (Dropbox) vpn: (Could not load a record (Decode Error))

what am I doing wrong?

Please read and follow the instructions provided in the topic “Synchronizing” in DEVONthink > Help > Taking your data with you

I thought that’s what I was doing. What am I missing? Both sides claim they are syncing, but I think they are each syncing a different thing and not working off the same database. How do I convince them that there’s one database being referred to on each end?

Perhaps Support might be able to resolve this better than the forum?