Database on DTTG not appearing in DT

The bad news is that a database stored in the same place as all my other databases has disappeared in DevonThink.

The good news is that it’s still there, whole and entire, in DTTG.

Is there a simple way to copy the database from DTTG on to DT?

Charles Hogg

Did you search for the database (extension .dtBase2 or .dtSparse) in your filesystem? Maybe it’s just closed currently as databases can’t disappear on their own.

Yes, I did. It looks to me like the only way forward is to get the database from DTTG to DT. But I don’t know how to do that.

Which sync locations do you use so far?

Did you check the system Trash

Yes, I did.

Just the iCloud location.

In that case you should be able to import the database after selecting the sync location in Preferences > Sync.

Do you not have proper primary backups? This would be the first option to explore if you need to restore files, including a database.

Good news: while the db didn’t appear on my new work MB Pro, it was on my home Mac mini, so I copied it to a removable drive that I’ll use as the base. Thanks, everyone, for your help!

Glad to hear it. And please make sure to get a proper backup strategy going, including the external hard drive in it.