Database open on webserver in read only without Devonthink b

This is my scenario. My primary computer is a laptop but I also have a server for storing most of my files. I would like to store my databases on the server and do most of my work on my laptop. I am a consultant and I want to be able to access my databases remotely from my iphone.
The problem I have is that in order to get this to work once I am done with the database on my laptop i have to remember to switch to the server and open the databases on the server so that I can access them through the web interface.
I understand that you do not want to be writing to the database from two computers but it would be nice to be able to open a database in read only mode on the webserver and still be able to open it from the laptop so that the database is available read only from the web interface all the time.

thanks for the feedback! We’re working on a different solution but in the meantime you could e.g. use a script to close the database on your laptop and to launch the server.