Database open stalls on new Mac

I copied a 4gb database from my old computer to my new computer. When I open the file from either within DT Pro or by clicking on the file, I get a stall about half-way through the initialize progress dialog box. I suspect the file may be corrupted. Any ideas? Many thanks for any advice.

Note: Never make a Finder copy of a database while it’s open. That probably won’t harm the original, but could introduce errors into the copy. (That advice applies to many other applications in addition to DT Pro. For example, an open word processing document might still have some data in RAM rather than on the drive, and the copy would lose information.)

Depending on the amount of RAM on your computer, it might take a while to load a 4 GB database. Give it a while to see if it opens. If not, see if there’s a message in the Console.

If the original database won’t open, send an email to Support with a brief description of what happened, and we’ll walk you through recovery of the database as of the most recent internal backup.

Note: I encourage making a backup at break time, when you’ve invested significant time and effort in making changes to the database since the last backup. The Backup Archive routine (Scripts > Export > Backup Archive) is convenient and does some Very Good Things for you.

Thanks Bill for your response. I tried again on the original and it was the same result. Sent Console log to support and they suggested trying the original. Again, no go. Sorry to pester you (or anyone) but can you suggest other possibilities? Still waiting to hear from support. Thanks.

I’m looking at your message to Support and will respond tonight with a procedure to try.