database opening time

I’m synchronising two databases. The total amount of files is around 8000.

To open Devonthink Go takes 35 seconds. Why is it that it takes so long to open? It makes it pretty useless to use to add a quick note whilst talking to someone. Will this get worse if more data is added?

I have to be honest, between this and the sync problems I’m beginning to think Devonthink Go is not ready for serious business use.

The only reason I’m still using it is because I need the search function, but I’m beginning to look elsewhere and am trialing evernote, which incidentally works extremely well.

I couldn’t tell you exactly why (without being able to do some tests with your database), but on startup DEVONthink To Go makes sure some preferences are set correctly and other things are created and setup properly. Unfortunately, this can take longer with larger databases.

However, we are making some changes as we incorporate our new sync process, and I’m hopeful that will help improve this situation.