Database opens and is empty.

I have done a little exercise creating an email archive database. It is 7GB in size. However when I open it it is empty ?. Which is a bit worrying because I have deleted emails before 2015 and put them in the archive.

Looking at the database in Finder it is 7.02 GB. Then I open the database and it just is empty and looking in the database properties is 7.0 bytes in size.?

I am an experienced Devonthink Pro Office user and have never encountered this before. Any suggestions

If you click Go > Top Group is the view still empty? Sometimes when the lowest level group is hoisted it can appear there is no content in the database. The database shown here is far from empty but the bottommost group was hoisted and that group is empty.

If you select the database in the sidebar and look at File > Database Properties > [name] is there anything reported in “Statistics”?

If you Verify & Repair are there errors?

Failing all the above, go to Support

Thanks for your reply but that is not the solution.
I have some screenshots below. The database is called Email Archive

Here is a screenshot of database properties
Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.58.47.png

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 13.07.05.png

Do you have a second copy you are accidentally opening? In the Finder, do a Spotlight search for .dtBase2.

Thanks for your reply. It is not that.

I am right clicking on the 7.02GB database and opening in Devonthink.

Interestingly I have just done a houdah spot search for ‘Email Archive’ and it produces all of emails in that database !. So I know they are still there.

Do you have in place a backup system, such as Time Machine? (If not, choose a good backup system and implement it. Otherwise, Bad Things such as a disk crash could lose all your data.)

Did you run Tools > Verify & Repair?

How about Tools > Rebuild Database?

If you still have problems, please start a Support ticket.