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I am going to push the button on upgrading DTPO2 to DTP3 imminently, but before I do, it seems like a good opportunity to sort out the mess that is my current database organisation structure.

I’ve been using DT for about four years and I’m still figuring out how to do…well, to be honest, most things as it happens. It’s not so much how to get data into DT, but more about what the best way is to organise effectively in order to able to retrieve the data when I need it.

I came across a mind map that I put together back at the beginning of the year. In it, I detailed an elaborate structure based on purpose/topic but the problem I found is that there could be one of several databases that a particular document could reside. Needless to say, it didn’t work. Not only that but the transition was never completed either so now I have around 10 active databases with documents strewn over the place.

In my professional life, it’s easy. I have a “technical reference” database and a separate database for each client engagement, which can be closed and archived when the project has completed. It’s everything else that’s all over the place. My current line of thinking is to have one “personal” database with everything in it rather than splitting it out for the sake of it.

I am curious as to what approach others here have taken.


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Just as a nod to our documentation, check out the built-in Help > Documentation > Getting Started > Building your database for a 10,000 foot view on database organization.

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Some useful pointers, thanks :slight_smile:

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Much of the DEVONthink experience is what YOU bring to it. Be open to learning from others, but ultimately organize in a way that makes sense and works for you.

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