Database Properties and sync


I’ve been checking up the 1.9.16 that I got through the MacHeist and I have some questions that I want answered before upgrading. I got som suggestions via email support, yet not satisfied with solutions.
I also checked up the new 2.0b and only got more questions, so here I go.

  1. After lots of trouble I found a way to sync between 2 macs through my air disk (usb-disk connected to my Airport Extreme) though there became some trouble and database seem to be damaged as folders disappeared. Files seemed to be undamaged though. I was suggested to try out Dropbox but if databases continues to grow that would mean I have to spend $99/year to be able to sync my databases that way. Not worth it, when I have both MobileMe and an air-disk that i could use. So have Devontechnologies any plans for making sync available from within application???
    Must say that is pretty lousy to not have that today in modern softwares, as most people have more then one computer today. I’m surprised anyway to not have that available within otherwise software that seem to be good and are not simple and cheap.

  2. When I downloaded version 2 and started to check that out I found that I could not set a place for database anymore in Database properties. So how will I then even be able to move to use a database on either DropBox or my air-disk? If I can’t set the place to somewhere else, or have that changed in v.2? I have searched but can’t find it. That makes me really confused. Some help with that please.
    I would love to upgrade the free copy I got from MacHeist, but there are some major things lacking that I need solutions on.

We have plans of course but nothing to announce yet.

Either by using an alias or the Pro edition.

Thanks for answer. I found out that it works best for now with a symbolic link. That is satisfying enough to upgrade to Personal 2.0 I think. Hope though that it will be inbuilt syncing later, then it might be worth to further upgrade. :slight_smile: