Database repair / rebuild / restore all fail to correct errors

I have DT3 running on 3 Mac smoothly until I turned on Cloudkit sync (I believe that was the issue as I might not have followed the advice here)

I have not turned off sync all together. I check that databases on 2 macs were corrupted with missing files. I have tried database repair, rebuild and restore from Time Machine. Most of the errors still there and could not be fixed.

One Mac is still good. Hence I copy all the ‘good’ databases onto a USB drive and try to replace that in the ~/Databases folder on another Mac. Upon restarting DT3 with the replaced databases, I did another verify and repair. To my surprise, the errors were there again.

Can anyone give me advice how to fix the corrupted databases on the 2 Macs. Should I uninstall DT3 on them and clean up all folders and start from scratch again using the ‘good’ copy of the databases?

thanks, in advance

Welcome @fuzzygel

I’m guessing you are referring to this…

thanks @BLUEFROG

appreciate that, will do a more extensive search. However I still do not fully understand why replacing the corrupted DB with clean DB cannot fix the issue, is that because the indexing files were not updated?

thanks again

Ah! You have indexed items. Normally that happens when you remove/rename indexed files from other Mac/iOS than the one in what you indexed them. Select the offending folder, then File → Update Indexed Files and your database will be corrected. (I’m not sure, but I remember that this is in documentation).

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great, thanks for the tip