Database Repair Service?

Is there a company that does database repair for DevonThink databases? I’m unable to use the repair tools in DTP because my database crashes the program on opening.
My backups crash as well.

I have two other databases that are working fine, so I know it’s not the program, but a damaged database.

Any ideas?

Send a request to Support and we can walk you through a procedure to recover data from the database that cannot be opened.

Thanks for your response. I did contact support a month ago, (ticket #148743) and you did send me instructions on how to manually restore from a backup, which I did, however my restored database was missing all of the groups and tags.

I re-created the tags and groups, and the next time I opened the database, they were gone again, and then it crashed DTP. You suggested trying a different backup, but they all crashed on opening (following the manual restore steps you sent). I sent you an email a week ago with my lasted logs but haven’t heard back. I’ll resend it, you must not have received it.

I’ve used Goldmine for 14 years, and it has a horribly sensitive set of databases. If you sneeze, you must rebuild… I have learned from that experience to have database repair companies on speed dial. I’m on week 4 of trying to get my DTP database working again. I can’t have my business records on hold for this long. I need to be able to delegate this to someone that knows how to repair the database and can get me up and running again.

I don’t have a working database. I think restoring a backup is not an option, they all crash. What resources are there to repair the database?

At one point, I did something, I don’t remember what I did, but it looks like it copied my folder groups to my backup drive. Can I use this information to restore?

Please go to ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ and copy a recent DEVONthink application crash report into a message to Support. That may provide information about what’s happening on your computer.

There’s a list of consultants with experience in DEVONthink at … tants.html